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Au’Naturelle is a plant based body and self care company. Originally operating under the name ‘Faithfully au’Naturelle’ which launched September 2020, the name ‘Au’Naturelle’ was introduced on June 25, 2022. Our goal is to increase skin health with the use of plant ingredients that are organic and closest to their au’naturelle state. We believe that obtaining ‘skin health’ is not only physical, but also mental. Physically it’s important to feed your skin with clean products to increase skin health, but it’s also important to feed your mind with positive self-talk to increase the love you have for your skin, hair and body. Let’s be real body acne, dark spots and hyperpigmentation can sometimes be a mood killer, but we’re here to remind you that it’s okay, normal and to embrace the au’naturelle journey. Each of our products are plant based (vegan), contain organic ingredients and are 100% handcrafted.
Founder, Chanelle Rae’s Story 
Hi! My name is Chanelle Rae and I’m the founder of Au’Naturelle. While in college I dealt with severe acne on my face, back, chest and minor eczema which led to hyperpigmentation and dark scars. I visited dermatologists and doctors to help and was prescribed different topical medications to reduce symptoms. The medication brought temporary relief, but never solved the issue. It felt like once a breakout went away, here came another one! While in college I would purposely keep my back, shoulders and chest covered. Not to mention wear hats to cover the severe acne on my face. Additionally, I soon started my natural skin and hair journey, which led me to discover herbs and plant based solutions to increase skin and hair health. After research and testing, I found remedies to heal my dark scars and reduce sensitive, eczema prone dry skin. Today, my skin is not perfect (there’s no such thing), but it is healthier! And most importantly I’ve grown to love myself and my skin in every stage. When I started my journey, I decided to not only change my skin routine, but what I thought about myself to love my skin no matter what condition. I didn’t give our business the name ‘Au’Naturelle’ as a way to tell you don’t wear makeup (I like my makeup too), but makeup comes off and loving your skin has to come first. Start your au’naturelle journey, feed your skin with plant based ingredients and feed your mind positive and faith filled energy,  love the journey.

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